What is the Shield Knife & Tool Spa Treatment?

We build our knives to be used and used hard, but like any tool, eventually some level of maintenance will be required. While we encourage you to properly care for your blade with use, we understand that sometimes a little extra care is required.

The Shield Knife & Tool Spa Treatment is a free service included with every knife purchased. The Spa Treatment includes:

  • Professional sharpening
  • Blade finish inspection and restoration 
  • Micarta handle inspection and restoration 

Shipping Your Knife

  1. Print and fill out this form
  2. Package your knife inside its original sheath
  3. Securely pack inside of a shipping box

We highly recommended that you ship your knife with insurance for the value of the knife, as we are not able to ensure the safe return of your knife until it has been received in our shop.

Upon receiving your knife, we will email you to let you know your knife has begun its treatment. Please allow 2-3 weeks before your treatment is complete. Once complete, we will email you tracking information.


Give us a call at 406-982-7846 or email us at help@shieldknifetool.com and we will help you go through the process!