The Nimrod - Acid Stone Wash - OD G10
The Nimrod - Acid Stone Wash - OD G10

The Nimrod - Acid Stone Wash - OD G10

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Handle Material

Micarta & G10

Contoured, durable and grippy, our handles come in several options

Permanent handle scales, protecting the tang to outside elements

The Nimrod

versatile backcountry hunting

Designed by SKT Co-Founder Seth Berglee, The Nimrod Boning/Processing Knife is constructed from premium materials, including CPM 154-CM stainless steel, ensuring its razor sharp cutting ability. The ergonomic handle is designed for comfort and grip, reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

While the Nimrod is the perfect tool for processing game in the field, its versatility extends to the kitchen, where its sharpness and precision make it an ideal tool for any cutting task. Whether filleting fish or trimming meat, the Nimrod excels at every job.


Manufactured 100% In the USA – Hand Finished in Montana


Resin-based laminate, impervious to any element

CPM 154-CM

Razor sharp edge and corrosion resistance

Kydex Sheath

Extremely durable and waterproof with adjustable retention